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Welcome to DeadSeaRadio; We are a private Internet Radio streaming collective. Please feel free to look around and visit with us.

Satellite radios can be extremely expensive not to mention the monthly fee that comes along with them. Now there is an answer to this radio conundrum: the wireless internet radio. The wireless internet radio is by far one of the coolest radio inventions in the past decade. It allows its user to listen to the radio for free just about anywhere in the world. It carries no monthly fee and the up front cost is nothing compared to a satellite radio. In fact, most wireless units sell for half of what their satellite "cousins" are priced at. You're saving money on the front end as well as on the backend when you choose wireless internet radio instead of satellite.

If you are in the market for a new type of radio then you probably started by looking for satellite radios. Most people assume that satellite is their only option, and that is probably due to the fact that wifi radio doesn't really advertise much and it is a relatively new device. It is worth taking a look at; it basically offers the same thing that satellite radio does but doesn't carry the monthly fee. There is no sense in paying a monthly fee for something that you can be getting for free.

If you want to stream this station to a wifi enabled device you will use as your address and 8000 as your port. If you own an IPHONE you can stream the radio for free using the "Streamitall" application in the app store; As well as hundreds of other Streaming applications; Please Enjoy my merry travelers!

A warm Thank You to everyone who has donated their time and money to keep Dead Sea going. If you would like to Donate and become part of our radio family please click here.

Please feel free to contact the studio should you have any questions or suggestions. 

Programming and subsequent content is subject to change. Some radio shows could be pre-empted by special radio shows, live interviews or special events. Radio shows update with fresh content weekly and sometimes daily!

We are always reviewing and accumulating radio shows and brand new programming; if you are interested in having your program aired here at Dead Sea Radio please inquire at; please make sure to include a demo of at least 2 minutes in MP3 format.

Thank you for visiting our humble home and please feel free to contact the studio program manager here


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"Easy on the Onion there Jeff, I enjoy your commentary keep up the good work, where do you find the time?" - Jim Alfreds, El Cerrito, California.

"I listen every day I can; pat Sammy on the head for me, he is so cute!" - Jenny Cartfield, Altoona, Pennsylvania.


"You know, I never really thought about it but you are absolutely right; denominations devide us. I congratulate you sir for being so brave and bold. May GOD bless you for the incredible work you are doing."  -  Carl Russinovich, Elliston, Montana.

MP3 Rocket Rules! Check it out, I do.

"Hey Jeff, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with Dead Sea. I have been looking for a great online radio station for months and I am consistently impressed with your playlist and special shows. I think you have a wonderful voice and I am dying to hear your next TRUTH Show, they are awesome man." - Beth Williams, Irving Park, Chicago