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The Apostles
Fate of the Apostles, shown on maps
Jude (Thaddeus)
The Acts of the Apostles Syriac - Aramaic Peshitta Bible Text
Apostles and other historical figures of The Early Church
Disciples' Destinies

Ancient Maps
The 'Real' Atlantis
Gunnar Thompson
Time Chart of Ancient Cartography
The Map of the Old City of Jerusalem in the Second Temple era
Wonders of the World

Ancient America
God Plays Hide and Seek
History of North American Giants
Discussion on Ancient America (Horrible PopUps!!!)
The Nazca Spaceport and the Ica Stones of Peru
Neiburger's Evidence: Native Americans Melted, Cast Copper at 1,000 BC Site
America's 'Ancient One' Was White-Skinned

Ark of the Covenant
Arc of the Covenant
The Ark of the Covenant, Found At Last?
Great Pyramid and the Ark of the Covenant

Astronomy Search Engines
Expanding Universe
Starry Night, software
Astronomy - Free Software

Countdown to 2012

Bible, Discussion of the
Our Bible & The Ancient Manuscripts
Giants of the Bible
Acts of the Apostles, Missing Chapter 29 Found
Before the Flood
A Kolbrin commentary
The United States and Britain in Bible Prophecy
Texts of Noncanonical Books
Early Traditions
Non-Canonical Christian Text
The Reluctant Messenger
Northwest College of the Bible
Pieces Out of Time

Bloodline of Jesus
The Priory of Sion
Jesus's Lineage
Jesus III
Jesus Justus

Abrosius Arelianus
Christian Ireland Britain Chronology
The Challis Well
Israel Britain
History of Britain
Early British King biographies
Early British Kingdoms
Joseph of Arimathea and David's Throne in Britain!
History Lancarfan
Mormon Mysteries of Glastonbury
Traditions of Glastonbury/pictures
The Throne of Britain: It's Biblical Origin and Future
Charterhouse on Mendip, Avon
General Pictures of Great Britain
Romans in Britain: Mining
Glastonbury - Summerland
Romans in Britain - Tiberius Claudius Nero Germanicus
The First Church In England 36 A.D.
The Prophetic Telegraph - No.76
The Spread of Christianity Into Britain
Britain, Phoenicia's Secret Treasure
British Chronicles
Books that Need to be Read
Medieval Sourcebook
The Trojan City of London
British History
ST.Gildas 504 AD - 570 AD
Religion in Wales: Early Christianity
The Royal House of Britain

Druidism and Celts
Where East Meets West @ The Druid Network
The Veil of Isis
Druids and Brahmans
Druids @ Geocities, by: hiberi
Stonehenge and the Ancient-British Druids
The Lady's LIbrary: Celtic History and more
Who were the Celts?
Nearly one third of Hannibal's army were Celts
Druids - Truth about #1
Who were the Celts?
Celts and Druids, Who Were They?
Some information on Hu

Early Church Fathers (and Mothers)
Saints of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica
St. Symeon the Host of God and St. Anna the Prophetess
Early Church Writings
Lost Books Of The Bible and Church History
Fathers of the Church @

Early Discoveries of America
The Last Viking: Three Steps Backs Viking article from Spokane Washington
Britons in USA in 6th Century
America's First Christmas Card
Discovery in New Mexico
Did Ancient Hebrews Really "Fear the Sea"?
The Story of the Algonquian Indians!
The Great Migration of the Aztecs!

Egyptian Mysteries
Ancient Egyptian Flying objects
Ancient Texts found in Egypt (After the ads)
The Phoenicians in East Africa
Phoenicians In Peru: The Initial Evidence
Sphix, Orion, Osiris, Sirius, Isis, Hall of Records
Phoenicia, Phoenicians in Brazil
Red and Blonde Haired Mummies of Egypt and the Middle East
The Takla Makan Mummies
The Celts are Israelites Under Another Name

The Fraternal Order of St. John
The Beloved Disciple and the Author of the Fourth Gospel
The Beloved Disciple
Chapter 53, John the Beloved
The Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller

General/Broad Discussion Sites
Was Pontius Pilate A Scot?
The Ensign Message
Letters of Pontius Pilate
The Halaf and Ubaid periods in Mesopotamia
Trasures of the Iraq Musem in Baghdad
Old & Rare Religious Books For Sale
Frisian -- Sons of Issachar!
The Magi @
The Real Mother Goose
Early Christian Texts
The Festival Letters of Anthanacius
Early history of Wales
Cardiff Records homepage
The Galilean
First Christian Church in 37 AD Britain
Earth History
The White Horse Prophecy
Archaeology Answers
Illuminated Manuscripts
Hidden Bits of History
Rare, out-of-print, and hard-to-find books
The St. Albans Psalter
Religion - Pre-20TH Century
Resources on the Hebrew Old Testament
Texts of Noncanonical Books
Transatlantic Presence of the Algonquin
Ancient Syriac Documents
The Schøyen Collection
Voices of the Ancients
Didache @
Apostles Resources at Questia
The Christians as the Romans Saw Them
Traveling to Peru and Beyond
Kings of Easter Island
Columbia University's E-Resources
Vatican Online
Bibliographic & Full Text Datases @ EBSCO Information Services
Federal Government Resources on the Web
A Source Locator of Ancient Text
Library of Congress
National Archives and Records Administration
Oriental Institue Research Archives
Smithsonian Institue
National Geographic
World Archival Internet Resources
Historian Network
University of Kansas History Index
Knights of Columbus Vatican Film Library
A Description of Archeological Sites
Ancient World Web
The Real Calvary and the Real Holy Sepulcher
History of Western Nations
Norse Mythology
Forgotten History of the Western People -- Pre-flood History

George Washington

A survey of Greek and Latin Manuscripts
Greek New Testament Resources

All Saint's Day @
All Saints' Day @
Annie's Halloween History
All Saints' Day @
All Saints' Day @
Halloween @
The Truth About HALLOWE'EN
The myth of Samhain: Celtic god of the dead

Israelites Came To Ancient Japan
Hebrew and English @
Hebrew and English @
Evolution of the Hebrew and Roman Letters
Ancient Hebrew Alephbet

Herod and the temple
Herod's Temple Base Found
The Origin and Fate of the Temples of Jerusalem
Lecture 10b: Jerusalem - Pictures
Linage of the Herod's

Holy Grail
The Holy Grail
The Chalice of Magdalene
Bloodline of the Holy Grail
An Introduction to Current Theories about The Holy Grail Glossary entry for Holy Grail

Hu Gadarn / Joshua / Ogam script
The Lost Christianity of the Original Sects
Striking a Corpse Candle
Joshua and The Israelites
Hu Gadarn
American Indians and the Book of Mormon
The Mysterious Origin of the Guanches
The Ogam Index
Joshua and The Israelites

Irish History
The Milesians @ Irish Story Teller
The Five Invasions of Ireland
The Royal History of Ireland
Did Irish Monks land in America?
Irish Monks and the Voyage of St. Brendan
New Book Claims Irish Have Egyptian Ancestry
Irish History in Maps
Irish Royalty traced to Adam and Eve

CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem
St. Lazarus of Bethany
Parthia: The Forgotten Ancient Superpower
Was Ollamh Fodla, Kind David of Israel?
North, West, East, South
They Went Thataway
Jerusalem Mosaic
The Story of the Algonquian Indians!

Israel, Lost Tribes of
Historically, Who Were the Levites?
Great Books on The Lost Tribes of Israel and the History of the Celts
Behistun Rock
The Lost Tribes of the House of Israel
Early Israelite Immigrants (947-950 A.D.)
Sonnini Manuscript
Origin of Nations
The Lost Tribe of Israel: Tribe of Dann
The Ten Lost Tribes
Amazing Lost Tribes Of Israel Study Maps
Hasmonean Revolt
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel..Found!
Tracing Dan - Part 1 Chapter 3
The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel In Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir, Myanmar, and China

Japanese-Jewish Resources
Israelites Came To Ancient Japan
Who are the Japanese?


Jesus, Birth of
Date of Christ's Birth
Yet Another Eclipse for Herod
Star of Bethlehem
Astroarchaeological Star of Bethlehem
The Star of Bethlehem and the Christmas Lights
The Great Pyramid and the Pi Factor
Star Witness
Biblical Astronomy

Jesus, Travels of
Jesus in Britain
Christ in Britain
Jesus Lived in India
Did Jesus live in India?
Map of Travels
Jesus flees to India once more!

Jesus, General Discussion
Jesus Christ(2)
Little Known Bible Characters
Sejanus and the Chronology of Christ's death
The Married Messiah
Jesus before the Sanhedrin
Missing Years
The Jesus Coverup & "The Holy Land of Scotland"
The Nazarene Way
Did Jesus and the Apostles Speak Greek?
Christos Voskresye! Christ Has Risen
The Lost Years of Jesus:On the Discoveries of Notovitch, Abhedananda, Roerich, and Caspari
Jesus' Missing Years is India
Ancient Myths - Jesus - Where Was He During the 'Lost Years'?

Jews, Ritual Murder, Misc
Belarussian TV Revives "Ritual Murder" Charge
The Edict of Expulsion of 1290
Documentary Analysis Background on the Ritual Murder Accusation

Joseph of Arimathaea
Phoenician’s Secret Treasure and Joseph of Arimathea
Joseph of Arimathea from Lundy
Joseph of Arimathea
Joseph of Arimathea
Joseph of Arimathea and David’s Throne in Britain
Yeshua and Joseph of Arimathea
St. Joseph of Arimathea at Glastonbury
Joseph @ Britannia
Uncle Joseph: Trustee of the Gospel

King Arthur
Seeking the Elohim Grails
Merlin the Magician
Geoffrey of Monmouth
Life of Arthur
History of Arthur
Arthur the rightful king
Scotland’s King Arthur
The Camelot Project at the University of Rochester
Arthur net links
Arthurian Legends
Arthurian Collection
Dubricius/Dubric Arch bishop of Carleon
King Arthur/ Killibury
Age of Arthur
King Arthur and the Cymry Heroes
Explorations in Arthurian History
King Arthur @
Kentucky, Camelot linked by King Arthur, historian says
Arhtur: Complete Research Center
Proof of King Arthur's Existence??
King Arthur and His Knights
England from Arthur to William of Normandy
The Breton and British Celts, Ch. 2
A Short History of Arthurian Archaeology
King Arthur - The Once and Future King
Explorations in Arthurian History
King Arthur and Cuneglasus
King Arthur & the Matter of Britain: Part 1
King Arthur & the Matter of Britain: Part 2
Medieval Sourcebook
Bibliography of Gaelic Arthurian Literature
King Arthur @ British History Club
King Arthur and the HOly Grail

King Arthur related to Jesus
Mary Magdalene, King Arthur, and the Dragons of British Israel
How King Arthur is Similar to Jesus

King Arthur as Riothamus of Britain
Sidonius Apollinaris
Riothamus, Prince of Domnonée
Arthur and the Fall of Rome Part 1
Arthur and the Fall of Rome Part 2
Arthur and the Fall of Rome Part 3

King Arthur II Killed in America

Knights Templar
Knights Templar
The Abwehr Knights Templar
Templars the Middle Ages
Albigensian Crusade
Templars secret Island
The Magdalene, Knights Templar and Alchemy
Knights Templar - Ancient Knights Templar
Knights Templar @ Crystal Links
Templar Treasure by Shaun Linton

Dictionary and Biography to the end of the sixth Century, time of King Arthur
Aramaic Bible Manuscripts inthe ancient Estrangela Alphabet
Checklist Editions of Greek and Latin Papyri, Ostraca, and Tablets
Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon

Adam to Queen Elizabeth
The descendants of Adam to Queen Elizabeth II
Adam to H.M. Queen Elizabeth II
The Queen's Jubilee

Library of Alexandria
The Library of Alexandria

Llandaff Charters
Llandauff Charters mentioned
Offa’ Dyke/ Llandauff Charters mentioned
The Holy Kingdom
Letter 5, The Stone of Cunobelinus
The Dating of Medieval English Private Charters
Guide to Early Church Documents

Lost tribes in Japan


Gospel of Mathew and the Talmud


The Gnostic Society Library -- Melchizedek Reference
Who was Melchizedek? - Two Views
Speaking of Melchizedek...
Who Was Melchizedek?
Was Krishna Melchizedek?
The Priesthood of Melchizedek
The Epistle to the Hebrews

Mary Magdalene
Compendium of World History Vol. 1, Table of Contents
Compendium of World History Vol. 1, Chapter 18
Compendium of World History Vol. 2, Table of Contents
Mary Magdalene - The Apostle of the Apostles...
The Mysteries of Mary Magdalene
Odin, Nordic God, BUFO Paranormal...
Mary Magdalene - Wikipedia
Who was Mary Magdalene?
The Church of Mary Magdalene
Mary Magdalene, her life story
Knights Templar Patron Saint Mary Magdalene
Freedom Network
The Holy Grail in Provence
Mistress of the Grail
Mysteries of France 2002
Rennes le Chateau
St. Mary Magdalene
History of the Saint
Travel to France and Spain with Purple Mountain Tours
The Knights Templar and Alchemy
Mary as Goddess: Magdalene
The Holy Grail View of Mary Magdalene
Pilgramage shrine and reliquary of Mary Magdalene
Mary Magdalene, Apostle and Friend of Jesus
Author of the Fourth Gospel?
The Incredible Origins of the Maya Indians
Letter to Tiberius Caesar
Ancient Hebrew Sea Migrations
Mesoamerican Research Foundation: Caves in America
The Passing of Mary, as written by James the brother of Jesus

Glozel Stones
The Age of Chivalry
The Cymru
Medieval Sources
The Cymry/ Regina Angolurum

Megaliths of Europe:

Monk's Mound New findings:


Staff of Moses found in Birmingham
Prehistoric London
Astrological Point of Interest - Moses Birth and Hammurabi Law Code
The Newark, Ohio Decalogue Stone and Keystone


Mount Nebo State Park in Arkansas


Mummies, Non-Egyptian
Chinese Lady Dai leaves Egyptian mummies for dead
Ancient Civilization Beneath Death Valley?
Putting a New Face on Prehistory
The Takla Makan Mummies

Mystery Hill near Boston


New Age Christian:


Ocmulgee Indian:


History of Palestine

Paganism & Other Religions
White Rabbit Cult History
The Silver Bough, and Samhain in a Stone Circle
Various Denominations, Groups and Trads
Bible prophecy research resources for America and Britain

Passion of the Christ, Mel Gibson's
Offical Discussion Forum
Send a private message to Mel Gibson
A scene-by-scene analysis of the film
Frequently Asked Question
Support Passion of the Christ
Buy the book that inspired the movie
Buy Passion of the Christ the Book
The WebSite in Espanol
The WebSite in Francais

Paranormal & UFOs
Then and Now
NEXUS Magazine's Home Page
High Tech - 2:6
Ancient Aircraft

Gods Priests and Sacrifices Phoenicians in Peru
A Bequest Unearthed, Phoenicia
Ancient Hebrew Sea Migrations
Britain, Phoenicia's Secret Treasure
Did the Phoenicians Discover the New World?

Wise Men:


Witness in the New Testament:




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